Christmas Gifts that Teachers Will Love!

You love your child, and your child LOVES their teacher. They want to get them a special holiday gift, but you aren’t sure what to get. The holidays are eventful enough, and having to guess what to buy your child’s teacher is an added layer of stress that no parent needs. (This post includes affiliate links.) Here are two items that I have in my classroom and that I have gifted to other teachers – who went NUTS for them! – are this personal laminator and this pencil sharpener for colored pencils.

The laminator comes in handy for all of those teachers who like to preserve their work or make their bulletin boards look extra special. (Hint: this is basically all teachers!) And bonus, teachers can laminate student work or projects. I’ve done this for students in the past and watched their eyes light up at the finished product.

The pencil sharpener is advertised for colored pencils, and it does not disappoint. It’s like a reward for students to use it during class. It grinds dull pencils into perfectly pointed wonders. I love that it plugs in and keeps a charge – no need for batteries!

These items are two of my favorite items in my classroom. I have given them to others who loved them too. If you want to show a teacher how much you appreciate them, you can’t go wrong with either of these items!

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