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My Virtual Classroom

It’s official, my district is officially moving to online instruction for the next five weeks, maybe even longer. Many districts are doing the same, perhaps planning to be online through the end of the school year. This leaves me wondering what I need to set up and prepare for a virtual classroom. Some of my

Christmas Gifts that Teachers Will Love!

You love your child, and your child LOVES their teacher. They want to get them a special holiday gift, but you aren’t sure what to get. The holidays are eventful enough, and having to guess what to buy your child’s teacher is an added layer of stress that no parent needs. (This post includes affiliate

No more mugs!

People often ask me, “What would be a good gift for a teacher?” Explore my blog posts for some great ideas. Together, we can make the people who take care of our children feel as special as they are. They deserve it!